Thursday, 25 June 2009


Warning!!! TUF9 final spoilers and some strong gloating follow. And so we have come to the end of a great season of The Ultimate Fighter. The format of Team UK v Team USA was always going to provoke national pride from both sides of the pond. The internet fans of one team were fully expecting to win and made loud, crass noises all over MMA forums to that effect. Sadly things did not go to plan for them, and face saving excuses had to be made. I have selected a number of forum posts from Team USA fans and presented them below. The posters names have been omitted to protect the boastful and bitter. The posts were taken from several of the major MMA forum websites. If you have ever posted on an MMA forum, you will understand that they are sometimes frequented by persons of extremely varying intellect and vocabulary. All spelling mistakes have been maintained for authenticity. The first section is taken from posts from before the start of the season and up until Episode three, when the Team vs. Team matches began. The first two episodes, if you remember, covered the two teams separately having the selection fights. These early posts reflect the deep self belief fans of Team USA had in future victory, as well as their casual brushing aside of UK potential. The second section is taken from posts following Episode twelve and after the live final. Feelings had changed by this point. There was a lot less posting altogether from US fans. Not so vocal now eh? So why had team US fared so badly? Surely it could not simply have been that they were beaten by a superior team? No, it must be another reason…..a vast conspiracy of some sort….. By the way, there were many Team USA fans who were extremely decent and complimentary towards Team UK and also very gracious in defeat, but here is NO fun to be had printing any of that drivel. I think the android Kryton from Red Dwarf said it best: “Aaaahhh….Smug Mode!” AT THE START OF THE SEASON (PRE EP3) *I think they should have US vs Brazil. It would be more competitive. *You Brits are gonna get smashed, shame its not “Tea and Crumpet Fighter” lol. *Although Brits have the reputation of being tough, their mentality hinders their potential for sports such as MMA. *I cant wait to see Hendo destroy Bizzping. *We have good fighters plus those UK fights last night looked very ametuer and premative *UK fighters are typically smaller than US fighters, and really not as good as American fighters. *Its not really fair on you UK guys cos you just have England to choose from, we have the whole of the US. *Will there be SUBTITLES when the British fighters talk? I have no idea what they saying. *I thought it was a terrible showing by the Brits. They all looked very sloppy and they all seemed to gas very easily * Demarques Johnson is clearly the best fighter in the house by a long way. *The UK probably got crushed in this series because they didn't get half as many people showing up for the tryouts as the US did. *EWW GROSS A GINGER!!! *The Brit fighters themselves are not to blame for this, but they just don't have access to the quality of trainers, the wealth of experience and the competition that fighters in the US do. *16 people from the uk . how many of them aren't Soccer/football hooligans ? :D *Its almost like they grabbed the UK fighters off the streets just to make a show. *Bissbin is such a douchebag. *your crazy if you think UK is gonna win, they cant sprawl, they cant tell when there winning stand up and when to take it to the ground or not, and there records where horrible compared to the american fighters. *Ahh seems very one sided. America will win IMO *187 overall fights for the US boys and 121 overall fights for the UK boys tell me the US boys have 1/3 more experience under their belts. *it should be North America vs the world *i listen to certain british people and all i hear is them trail of and mumble. lildkjf kdj dkjf oa. TIMMY!! *In my opinion, British fighters struggle with MMA for the fact that they are brawlers. Anyone who has spent some time in the UK will tell you that the need to fight is much stronger than in the USA, you are far more likely to see a fight in Glasgow than anywhere in the USA. * THE BRIT TEAM ARE SUCH FAGS LOL ALL BEING BEST FRIENDS AN CHUMMY. NONE OF THEM ARE JIZZING IN EACH OTHERS FOOD LIKE THE US TEAMS DID LAST SEASON!!!DOUCHE-BAGS!! ROFLCOPTER!!1! INTERLUDE (During which we all spent a few months watching TUF Season 9, TEAM UK VS TEAM USA, episodes 4-11. To summarize, TEAM UK were united in the house, while members of TEAM USA bickered and moaned, with one of them even giving away training secrets to the UK fighters. TEAM UK won the final by a landslide, winning a preliminary bout and capturing both LW and WW titles, having filled ¾ of the final places. ‘LOL.’ Indeed. And now, back to the greatly depleted TEAM USA fan forum posts that appeared after episode 12 and after the final.) AT THE CLOSE OF THE SEASON (POST EP12) *TUF is crap now anyways. *You guys only won cos Dana wants money from shows in England. *Wilks is living in the US so its actually a welter-weight win for Team America. *I really wonder if they (the ufc) chose less skilled fighters for the US team to make it an even contest. *Pierce is such a douche-bag. *these guys were the best the UK had to offer where most of the top level talent in the US has been found. *the UK is our bitch so it doesnt matter *Personally I like the Brits, but do NOT condone what appears to be a set-up. *I cant wait to see Hendo destroy Bizzping. So there we have it. We won. They lost. All that’s left is to get a complete victory with a result at UFC 100. WAR BISPING!!!

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