Saturday, 29 August 2009


Hello to anyone who still checks this blog for updates! Thank you for your support since I started my MMA writing practice. Thanks to Foo, Amanda and Ryaad, Matt, Angie, Mitch and all the Stanley crew. Cheers to Dave and Kirkland management, The Gypsies Dog and Fighters Only. And Monty Python and the Super Furry Animals. Just to let you know that this blog will still be used, but I will be mainly writing submissions directly for existing MMA websites or ideally exclusively for Fighters Only magazine. Brother is lookin to git paid y'all. I will pimp anything I am fortunate enough to get published on these pages, so you may follow my freelance journalistic career from the lows to the highs, to the crash and through the courtcases and numerous harddrive confiscations. When my world has imploded I hope you will be there for the price of a cup of tea, which I will of course be spending on crystal meth. Kenny Florian will be champion one day. Ta again, Andrew

Saturday, 1 August 2009


"It's going to be a big surprise to everybody,” “When I say against who and for what weight class people will get thrilled - the hairs on the back of their neck will stand up!” Wanderlei Silva I am going to make a prediction. Since Wandy has mentioned weight class, it means its not likely to be middle or light heavyweight. I think its going to be a heavyweight fight. Why would he want to fight at heavyweight? Only because of a specific opponent, who will make a fantastic match up. FOR THE THIRD TIME! I think its going to be Crocop. There I said it. Who is with me? If it is, please bring it to Manchester in November.