Friday, 12 June 2009


The issue of banned performance drug use in MMA still occasionally rears its ugly head. After Chris Leban tested positive following his loss to Michael Bisping, he said he would embark on mission to warn children of the dangers of drugs. How very honourable. He could of course have done this without taking the roids in the first place, but I’m sure he must have needed the experience to back up his honest and brave lectures. It is a problem that many feel passionate about, and is something that can also question people’s faith in fighter rankings. All any fan wants to see is a fair fight. Only yesterday a sweet old lady at the bus-stop saw my “Team Kenny Florian” T-shirt. Her eyes widened and her finger shook with anger as she pointed at my shirt, her soft, gentle wrinkles now contorted into a mask of apoplectic rage as she cackled venomously. “Kenflo was ruddy robbed! That other muscley bugger was probably juiced up to the knackers when they fought for the vacant lightweight title! He must have got himself clear before the test! And where the fucks this bliddy bus at?” So this week’s poll is regarding drug testing in MMA. I’m optimistically hoping for as many as six replies to this weeks poll, so please be patient should the internet explode due to such immense traffic. Please tick a box in the right margin according to your preference. HOW SHOULD FIGHTERS BE DRUG TESTED? -They should be allowed to take so many performance drugs that it comes leaking out of their eyes when they lean forward. -Before and after every fight. -Before and after every fight, and at peak training times. -Before and after every fight, at peak training times, and three times randomly per year. -Keep them permanently hardwired to testing equipment. Especially him. You know who I mean….

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