Tuesday, 9 June 2009


I would like to make an official statement to all followers of this Blog. In recent news Mr Juanito Ibarra, the ex manager of UFC fighter Rampage Jackson has made accusations that several fighters and online MMA blog sites have slandered him, and he will be taking legal action against them all. He has named these websites, stating he will bring attention to them and the identities of their creators. Sadly, my Blog is only a month old and has a very small amount of followers at the moment (Thanks again for checking in Dad, one day I will explain what the letters MMA actually stand for.) As it did not exist until a month ago, MMA-KNOCKOUT-SUBMISSIONS has not been involved at all in any actionable slander towards Juanito Ibarra. So, unlike Cage Potato, Bloody Elbow, Five Ounces Of Pain and the other sites Mr Ibarra has his legal sights on, I will be getting no free publicity for my Blog. This hardly seems fair, especially as I’ve done nothing wrong. With this in mind I would like to release the following statement as owner of MMA-KNOCKOUT-SUBMISSIONS. “MMA-KNOCKOUT-SUBMISSIONS has never, and will not at any time, support any unfounded allegations that Mr Juanito Ibarra is a member of the ancient secret society “The Illuminati” and is actually a shape changing alien life form sent to earth to undermine the sport of MMA. Any suggestions otherwise are total bollocks.” Thank you for your time. I do think he looks silly in that hat though, but that is purely a matter of personal opinion. (LEGAL NOTICE: Anyone wishing to contribute funds toward the “MMA-KNOCKOUT-SUBMISSIONS” Satirical libel fund should contact me privately. Hard cash and Nandos chicken products only please.)

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