Sunday, 19 July 2009

I iz Publisht! I iz Publisht!

Great news my loyal readers! My tireless practice scribblings here in MMA-KNOCKOUT-SUBMISSIONS have borne fruit! I have secured the guest editorial page in issue 53 of 'FIGHTERS ONLY' magazine. 'FIGHTERS ONLY' is as you know, the best MMA magazine on the planet, and they are also the organisers of the yearly 'WORLD MMA AWARDS.' It is the literature of choice for all discerning MMA fans, rock stars, prize winning physicists and generally great people. I hope it is received well. Of course if you did like the article, you could always use the feedback email address to tell the nice folks at FO. It is a long road to being a full time MMA journalist, all support is very much appreciated! Thanks again for taking the time to read MMA-KNOCKOUT-SUBMISSIONS, please leave comments will your reflections on any of my submissions! Its important for me to know they are being read! Thanks again, Andrew.

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