Friday, 22 May 2009


I love the concept of the UFC Hall Of Fame. It is great to see the forefathers and builders of the sport we love properly recognized. Because the sport is so young, many early watchers of UFC can say they have been fans since day one, something more difficult for a football fan whose team began in 1892! We are now approaching our official second generation of UFC veterans. Randy was the first of these inducted and is sure to be followed by Mr Hughes and Mr Liddell. Rumour has it that two people are to be inducted into the Hall of Fame at UFC 100. Mr Ortiz arguably deserves a shot (see earlier submission) though he may forced to wait a little longer for recognition, perhaps until the temperature of hell drops to minus figures. Others mentioned have been posthumous honours for Helio Gracie, Evan Tanner and Charles “Mask” Lewis. I think there is a great value in honouring all of these great contributors to UFC history, it should not just be about the number of titles won and defended. And it would not devalue the honour and respect of a posthumous award simply because a few will happen at once, on the occasion of such a landmark show. If we can have a nice ceremony for the Hall Of Fame presentations, several well constructed video highlight reels, and some exciting announcements, I think it will be a very fast paced and entertaining nine hour show. Of course all the sensible awards and announcements may pale into insignificance if the man Bruce Buffer does “The 360.” He has been dared by Joe Rogan, who said he would personally “Shit his pants” if Bruce does “The 360” before the main event at UFC 100. If you are not familiar with the potential joy that would be unleashed world-wide by the power of “The 360,” then allow me to enlighten you. When introducing the fighters for the main event of a UFC show a few years ago, Bruce discovered that he was facing and pointing toward the champion as he was starting to introduce the challenger. With a deft 180 degree spin on his stylish heels, he whipped around to face the correct fighter, still maintaining his pointing pose. And he looked damn cool doing it. So cool in fact, that he started doing a “180” regularly, but only before the main event introduction. Mr Buffer has stated that “The 360” starts and ends with the challenger, turning a full circle in between. It is an audacious concept, with great risk and reward. A sharp suited, spinning master of ceremonies with fantastic hair would be the creamy topping on a fabulous UFC centenary cake. But what if he slips on some Vaseline carelessly discarded by a clumsy corner-man? (Example chosen purely at random.) It could be tragic. I think I speak for everyone when I say that it would be a sad day for MMA when Bruce Buffer’s perfection is even slightly ruffled. Will he dare to attempt “The 360” at UFC 100? I hope he does. I will shit my wife’s pants.

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  1. I think he'll give it a shot mate. And it will be one of the best moments in UFC history if he pulls it off